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A New Combination of Blockchain with Real Economy
The sharing economy promotes economic efficiency. We want to build a shared, fearless world that is undergoing tremendous innovation. The mission of Glass Chain is to empower the optometry industry and open a shared world under smart contracts.

Glass Chain has created a commercial application smart contract collection system known as Decom, which extends the application scenarios of blockchain technology to real world entities, the Internet, and virtual spaces (such as Metaverse).
Build a strong trusted data value network Serving the global optical industry economic market
Glass Chain Platform Architecture The top layer of the Glass Chain ecological platform is the application layer, the middle layer is the interface layer, and the bottom layer is the blockchain layer. The platform transmits data to the blockchain layer through the interface through the IOTequipment, Enterprise resource planning ("ERP") system, user terminal, and in real-time through the IOT which collects data to establish a credible data source. All of these steps in the process use the characteristics of the blockchain because it is safe, non-tamperable, and traceable to establish a credible big data network for the Glass Chain ecology.

Such as: Young people's optometry archives, traceability of upstream, and downstream industrial chain, quality products mall, professional consulting, etc.
Public + Parachain Blockchain System Architecture Parachain and Public Blockchain share the same consensus network, connected to the main chain node through a unique Remote Procedure Call ("gRPC") interface.

On the main chain, transactions are only used for consensus and storage, and the actual transaction execution is on the parachain, which does not interfere with the main chain. Parachains only run their own data. Complex contracts mainly run on parachains. Only some basic core contracts are run on the main chain. Therefore, the stability of the Public main chain will be relatively strong, thereby ensuring the stability of the entire blockchain network. Parachains each execute their own transactions, and multiple parachains coexist, achieving the parallel execution of transactions.
DAPP System Glass Chain provides Decentralized Application ("DAPP")development components and Software Development Kit ("SDK") to simplify the development of DAPP. The combined toolkit does not require developers to focus on business and scenarios to be familiar with the underlying technology of the blockchain. In addition, the Glass Chain network provides a distributed database of trusted data,it also provides a platform for the interactive use of distributed communities, cross-border circulation of value, and further supports the realization of various upper-level applications.

Lead the Commercial Blockchain from Enterprise to Industrial Level
Cross- Chain Technology
Decentralized Storage Structure
Unique API interface
Smart Contracts Collection
The Future is Here
Glass Chain Application Ecological Value System Glass Chain will build a ecological system which supports economy services, monetary assets, public utilities and social application.
Establish a Trusted Ecological Alliance Return the value of everyone's eye health data back to everyone and use the commercial value of blockchain for empowerment and incentives.
Building a Credible Industrial Chain System Blockchain technology can achieve data that cannot be tampered with and can be traced. Each IOT device uploads data in real time and can be consulted at any time to build a credible industrial chain system.
Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Identification Platform The Glass Chain traceability appraisal platform is user-oriented platform, which includes medical drugs traceability, professional doctors, professional licenses.
Build Blockchain Vision Profile Parents upload their children's vision data every time they visit the eye hospital(clinic). It will form a personal vision file, which is shared on the chain, and through the statistics of adolescents' vision, a portrait of adolescents’ vision is formed.
Blockchain Big Data Platform The data on the chain is uniformly transmitted and stored in the entire network. And other nodes can independently verify the data on the chain in the entire network.
Reform Enterprises with Blockchain Technology Glass Chain uses the Chain199-DeCom system and provides the blockchain technology to help the enterprise from the "entity" turning to "on-chain" companies.
Supply Chain Management Use DeCom smart contract technology to solve the construction of a new collaborative production system plus it promotes capacity sharing, and improves the level of supply chain coordination in the enterprise industry.
Support the Development of Metaverse Project The Glass Chain platform's technology and social ecology can effectively support the development of the Metaverse project and the independent issuance of the NFTs.
August 2022
Complete the global application market of the distributed commercial public chain system, and
provide blockchain application technical support for the development of the global digital
June 2022
Metaverse games are gradually released in accordance to the progress of the project.
May 2022
Incubation of large-scale projects in the community, such as "Agarwood chain",
"Land chain", etc.
March 2022
NFTs evolve from the digital art to trading platform, open for applications.
October 2021
Token GLS (anticipated) debuts on the exchange market.
July 2021
Metaverse digital model was developed.
July 2021
The distributed commercial public chain application system was released. The Glass Chain is
equipped with an ecological server to expand the enterprise application and to achieve the
ecological closed loop.
February 2021
Open community co-governance incentives, started investor growth system.
December 2020
The NFT sector started developing, it evolved from the digital art to the trading platform.
November 2020
The distributed commercial public chain platform system completed internal testing and went
online for trial operation and activated global nodes.
November 2020
White paper v1.0 is publicly released.
May 2019
The chain organization community is established.
April 2018
The parrot development team completed the prototype design of the distributed commercial
public chain and put it into development.
June 2017
Distributed commercial public chain application system project approval.
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